Silver Gulch Brewing & Bottling, Inc.

Job 133129 - Executive Chef / Kitchen Manager
Fairbanks, AK

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Job Details

Location: Fairbanks, AK
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Job Duties/Responsibilities:


The job of Kitchen/BOH Supervisor(s) are responsible for all aspects of kitchen operations, including but not limited to:


  1. Preparation and communication of written vendor orders (via e-mail and/or on-line methods)
  2. Receiving & stocking of orders, and development and maintenance of adequate par inventory levels.
  3. Development and maintenance of proper inventory and production par levels.
  4. Maintaining plated item service timings within acceptable parameters, and optimizing kitchen operations to minimize service/ticket times.
  5. Maintain the highest levels of plated item quality (presentation, consistency, portioning)
  6. Regular, periodic inventory (daily) of line-prep items, and development/maintenance of proper prep item par/inventory levels.
  7. Inventory/cost control using Cheftec software.
  8. Implementation, inspection and documentation of Preventative Maintenance (PM) and regular deep-cleaning on all kitchen equipment and areas.
  9. Training of all Kitchen/BOH personnel as required to assure high levels of quality, consistency and safety.            
  10. Control of BOH labor costs and kitchen staff scheduling using Hotschedules (online) scheduling
  11. Maintenance of required employment documentation (paperwork) in coordination with Silver Gulch office staff, using GoHire
  12. Development and enforcement of kitchen procedures that assure a safe, clean work environment.
  13. Assurance of HACCP, sanitation procedures at all times, including implementation, recordkeeping and follow-through on any corrective actions.
  14. Periodic BOH/kitchen staff personnel performance reviews, including recommendations for hiring, training, promotion, discipline and termination actions.
  15. Familiarity with POS system for limited FOH managerial functions as needed (reporting, etc.)
  16. Regular, professional communication/interaction with other supervisory/management team members and owners in a timely, professional and collaborative manner.
  17. Development of recipes and associated costing for special events and regular menu features, in collaboration with other Management team members.
  18. Any and all job functions required to assure top-quality, efficient, cost-effective and safe kitchen operations.


Successful candidate(s) should:

  • Be fully-competent in all aspects of kitchen operations and food preparation in a fine-dining/brewpub themed restaurant.
  • Have a demonstrated record of successful employment in the food-service/hospitality industry, with at least 10 years supervisory/leadership/management experience
  • Preferably have attained a 4-year degree or equivalent vocational training in any related field of study, to demonstrate basic academic competence.
  • Be ‘hands-on’, with the ability to competently, quickly and safely perform any/all roles within the kitchen.
  • Be familiar with fine-dining and fast-casual kitchen operations, in a time-sensitive, high-intensity, fast-paced work environment, while maintaining a calm, professional demeanor.
  • Be able to effectively and clearly communicate in English, verbally and in writing with other staff and management team.
  • Be able to multi-task and balance multiple priorities in an occasionally stressful work environment, in a calm, professional manner.
  • Be able to develop and implement work plans and kitchen procedures to best promote profitability, product quality, consistency, and safety and sanitation.
  • Be able to identify issues/areas/processes for improvement and make specific recommendations for improvement.
  • Be able to mentor, coach and train staff in a professional, constructive, consistent and fair manner.
  • Be professional and ethical in all aspects of their conduct, and fully adhere to established standards of Silver Gulch Manager/Supervisor conduct policies.
  • Have a proven record of exceptional leadership and team-building skills.
  • Be able to earn respect of staff, and foster a positive, productive, professional team-oriented work environment with high levels of personal accountability.
  • Be familiar with workplace safety requirements (OSHA, DOL, et. al), and maintain a safe work environment and instill safe work practices among all staff members.
  • Have a reasonable level of competence in use of Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Demonstrate an ability to observe, notice and document details of all aspects of kitchen and supervisory operations.
  • Be committed to delivery of the highest levels of customer service through uncompromising quality standards
  • Maintain the best interests (long-term profitability and sustainability) of Silver Gulch Brewing as a constant, guiding principle.
  • Hold, or be able to obtain the NRA ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager certification
  • Hold, or be able to obtain the CHARR TAPS Alcohol Server training certification.
  • Be able to handle operational challenges and/or supervisory adversity with a positive, constructive attitude, and maintain a calm, professional, positive demeanor.

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